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Based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Burke Billboards is an Aboriginal owned new venture corporation establishing itself as a premier outdoor advertising organization. With the use of a boat and a dual sided electronic billboard, Burke Billboards integrates digital media and mobility to influence the vastest and most diverse targeted audience possible along the False Creek, English Bay and Burrard Inlet Waterways of Vancouver, BC. Burke Billboards has the ability to reach a diverse market comprised of several demographics, as opposed to the roadside billboards whose market is solely comprised of the traffic traveling past the exact location of the billboards erection. Burke Billboards brings the advertisements of companies to the windows and doors of local businesses, residences, and pedestrians.



Burke Billboards travels through the waterways of False Creek, English Bay to Burrard Inlet and is a major presence at the numerous festivals and events that take place on Vancouver's beaches every year. Click Here to see a detailed listing of events. Our boat - and your ad - will pass by the Granville Market several times throughout the day targeting over 10.5 million people who visit each year!!


Burke Billboards will donate a portion of the available advertising space to help establish, promote and grow local businesses and community programs. One small local business or non-profit organization will be chosen each month and given free advertising space to encourage and support both the entrepreneurial and charitable spirit of the City. Our goal is to become a valued and contributing member of the community by supporting initiatives with visions that are in alignment with those of the company. If you would like your company featured in one of these spots, please submit your information on our Contact us page.

In addition, as a business that operates on the water, we will support the efforts of the Marine Mammal Rescue Foundation to aid and protect the species that live within it. As an Aboriginally owned business, Burke Billboards understands the value of a positive environment has on growth, and therefore a portion of proceeds will be invested in the Native Youth of Vancouver to both inspire and help provide opportunities so that today's native youth can reach their full potential and personal goals.


During special events, Burke Billboards will be showcasing your ad for millions of spectators to admire! Events in and around the water ways of Vancouver include; The Celebration of Light Fireworks Festival, which draws over 400,000 spectators daily, The Dragon Boat Festival in False Creek, The Shakespeare Festival located on Vanier Park with 100,000 people in attendance and the Pride Parade on Sunset Beach which is host to over one million viewers!! Contact us today to reserve your space on one of our beautiful billboards!!

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how we differ from our competition

Burke Billboards blows the competition out of the water by being the only digital media ON it. Our superboards operate exclusively throughout the City's busiest arteries, exponentially increasing viewership in comparison to the stationary roadside billboards which, although existing within the same network, do not have even close to the same reach.


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Why We Are The Best Choice

Burke Billboards has carefully sourced out Watchfire signs by Time-O-Matic to build our enormous digital billboards. All their products are manufactured, assembled,and tested right here in North America. Watchfire billboards are stunningly vibrant, energy efficient and come with the most user-friendly billboard software.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Are Your Billboards?

With our Mega billboards standing at an impressive 12' H and 40' W, your advertisement is sure to make a BIG impression!

What Type Of Boat Is The Billboard On?

The billboard is secured to a 70ft barge and towed through the waterways with a commercial tug boat.

What Are Our Hours Of Operation?

Burke Billboards will operate in the waterways 7 days a week from sunrise to sunset.

How far away will you be able to see my ad from?

Your advertisement will be seen from upwards of 2 km away! The specially designed louvres (eyelashes) will ensure that neither rain or shine will effect the view-ability of your image!

How often will my ad be seen?

Your ad will run for 6 seconds in a 60 second loop eliciting upwards of 10,200 views each day!

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